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    好色导航Grading Practices

    Ensuring fair and credible evaluation of student learning from classroom to classroom and school to school will directly impact and improve student learning. Students should be held accountable for their learning. We also recognize that grading practices can contribute to long-term student success.  An emphasis on the evaluation of content standards and timely, constructive feedback are cornerstones to grading that reflect student growth and development. 

    See 好色导航Grading Practices for more details about grading procedures in Deer Valley Unified School District.


     好色导航Grading Goals

    Grading practices in 好色导航will encompass the following goals:

    • Grades are equitable, accurate, specific, and consistent.

    • Grades reflect academic learning and are not used as a punitive tool.

    • Grades report the status of academic learning, not behavioral conduct.

    • Assessment and grading provide actionable feedback to inform student learning.

    • Grading takes into account that learning is a process that takes place over time and at different speeds for different students.

    • The grading system coordinates and is consistent among common course teachers and/or grade levels to ensure clarity in expectations for all students.


    Meaningful Grade Entries

    Teachers are expected to enter a meaningful grade for each student in the electronic gradebook on a regular basis so that students, parents, and support staff can better monitor student progress.  A meaningful grade is a grade entry for an assessment or coursework that measures learning standards.  The frequency of entering meaningful grades is as follows:

    • Classes that typically meet 4-5 days per week = at least 1 meaningful grade each week

    • Classes that typically meet 2-3 days per week = at least 1 meaningful grade every other week

    • Classes that typically meet 1 day per week = at least 1 meaningful grade every 3rd week

    At least one meaningful assessment/assignment grade entry must be entered each week, but an entry that impacts the course grade must be entered at least every 2 school weeks (every 3rd week for classes meeting once per week).